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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Nick Venedi

Sub standard programming on telly

It is of course our right to be treated like mushrooms, live in the dark and be fed by shit, but I think television producers must do more to ensure that the quality of programmes on our telly gets better. Pathetic story lines on programmes like East Enders do nothing to improve the quality of what we watch. And since I have to pay for the privilege of watching BBC I insist that the quality improves. When is Stacey, for example, going to be shown to think that she is the Ayotolah Khomeni? And when will the producers come up with a story that covers the concerns of blond Eskimos living in Streatham? They are failing in their duty of care by ignoring these subjects ( since the have covered everything else..)

nick venedi
an undiscovered genious

Nick Venedi

Tamwar is running away with Nancy. He gets a job modelling suspenders in Nepal and Nancy becomes a brain surgeon. Martin turns up after leaving Stacey and enrols at the national college for desperate actors only he finds that Emily Bishop is his tutor which means she is not actually in Peru? Wow love this story!
Nick Venedi