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Tuesday, 19 January 2016


I have contacted BT to complain about the level of service they provide. It astonishes me that they make the claims they make about their products when the truth is they are not up to providing what they say they can. More of us should and must complain! Unacceptable.

'First it is almost impossible to navigate all the hurdles you place on your system and to get to you. Unacceptable for a communications company! My 80 year old mother will never be able to do this! Second I got 2 texts saying thet my fiber optic is arriving and I thought that's who I had when you send me the equipment 3 weeks ago? It is of course impossible to contact you by replying to the text to ask what this is. The other thing is since installing your broadband system 3 weeks ago the download time takes longer than before. I don't know why I am paying £65 a month for faster broadband when the truth is it is not faster at all?? Can you clarify? '

Nick Venedi


Does the government idea of evicting women from the country who don't speak English means that the vast majority of the two million British people who live in Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Italy will face the same fate? Everyone knows that not many of the Brits who live abroad bother to learn the local language. Cameron needs to examine the nonsense he often comes up with and control his mouth! And why are they targeting women?

Nick Venedi