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Monday, 18 January 2016

look good

It is a myth to say that the way one looks exclusively depends on their genetic make up, genetics matters but you can do a lot to help yourself so learn how your body works and get on improving it!

Nick Venedi

Greek soldiers

More than four decades on, the families of six Greek soldiers who were either killed or had disappeared during Cyprus' tumultuous past have been given some measure of closure after receiving their remains.
Relatives attended a brief military ceremony Monday at Cyprus' National Guard headquarters where they received the remains in six small, flag-draped coffins which will be flown to Greece aboard a military transport aircraft.

Some 77 Greek nationals are listed as missing in action. The remains of 14 Greeks have so far been identified.

Ginger news

Apparently Harry is now seeing a Greek royal Princess. She is very good looking but a bit young for the ginger man? Anyway the British German royals are not too bothered about who the second son gets married to. Look at his uncle Andrew he ended up with... you know the story. On the other hand they better look after our young Greek Royal she has more class.

Nick Venedi


Bbc war and peace is excellent but how about they produce anothe