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Sunday, 17 January 2016


I welcome the news that the Liberal minded K Mitsotakis has been elected to be leader of the New Democracy party of Greece. Although I am not a Conservative I accept that right now Greece needs a pragmatist to handle the mess created by the far left party Syriza, a party that was twice elected to oppose reforms that ended up imposing more drastic measures than were originally proposed. K Mitsotaks, of Cretan origin, has the qualifications and the backround to make a difference. PASOK which is the Socialist party I supported since the 80s is clearly dead so a liberal Mitsotakis seems to be the only answer to the vast plethora of problems the Greek state has. He is educated and has lived in France and has some progressive views unlike those of the ever changing Tsipras who does not appear to know what day of the week it is.

Nick Venedi


nick Cleggs performance on the Andrew Marr show this morning proves why career politicians can not be trusted. I carefully listened to what he had to say and he never answered any of the questions he was asked. There must be a way to ensure that hot air merchants like him are kept out of key positions where their influence can damage our world.

Nick Venedi