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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Nick Venedi

Fitness for the weekend

Best to run for 30 minutes 5 times a week but do not over do it. Don't eat any red meat and avoid fizzy drinks. Keep happy and positive remove people from your life who cause you stress. Use it or lose it means moderate exercise regularly.
nick venedi

Friday, 29 April 2016


BBC: The Great Debate - On 21 June, the BBC will be holding a televised EU debate at the Wembley Arena. The event will feature top names from Vote Leave and the IN campaign. To reserve your place click 


Thursday 23 June is a huge day. It’s our chance to stop handing over £350 million to the EU every week and take back control of our country!
We need YOU to sign up to our event and invite all your friends - so everyone remembers to Vote Leave!
We’ll be posting exciting updates, exclusive merchandise and videos ahead of the big day, and we need you all to do the same.
Together we can make Thursday 23 June the biggest Facebook event in Britain! Invite your friends and family!

Thursday, 28 April 2016


That arch Maverick and the totally uneventful Bradford MP ( hot air producers ) should both be dismissed from the labour ( what's left of it ) party. These are people who are doing their best to destroy the party. Throw them both out!

Nick Venedi

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Nick Venedi

Sub standard programming on telly

It is of course our right to be treated like mushrooms, live in the dark and be fed by shit, but I think television producers must do more to ensure that the quality of programmes on our telly gets better. Pathetic story lines on programmes like East Enders do nothing to improve the quality of what we watch. And since I have to pay for the privilege of watching BBC I insist that the quality improves. When is Stacey, for example, going to be shown to think that she is the Ayotolah Khomeni? And when will the producers come up with a story that covers the concerns of blond Eskimos living in Streatham? They are failing in their duty of care by ignoring these subjects ( since the have covered everything else..)

nick venedi
an undiscovered genious

Nick Venedi

Tamwar is running away with Nancy. He gets a job modelling suspenders in Nepal and Nancy becomes a brain surgeon. Martin turns up after leaving Stacey and enrols at the national college for desperate actors only he finds that Emily Bishop is his tutor which means she is not actually in Peru? Wow love this story!
Nick Venedi

Friday, 22 April 2016


This week, the Government fired some of its biggest guns – a Treasury report and a visit from Barack Obama – to try and blackmail the British people into voting to stay in the EU. We were expecting this to happen, but not this soon.
Downing Street are clearly panicking. They know that the Prime Minister’s renegotiation has not convinced the British public. They are now trying to scare people into voting to stay in the EU by doing down Britain’s economy and our place in the world.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Nick Venedi

Greek islanders nominated for Nobel

My thoughts are with the islanders and many volunteers who are spending vast amount of effort and time helping Syrian refugees who had no choice other than to leave their war torn country.

An online campaign run by the grassroots Avaaz platform for residents of the Greek islands of the Eastern Aegean to be nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for their contribution in the refugee crisis has passed the halfway mark to reaching its target of 500,000 signatures.

“The native populations of the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea (and many other external, worldwide, non-profit organizations and diaspora Greeks) have done and are doing anything possible to help the displaced Syrian refugees and make them as comfortable as possible, although they themselves have very little to offer, despite being subjected to a severe economic crisis for many years,” Avaaz says in its campaign announcement. “On remote Greek islands, grandmothers have sung terrified little babies to sleep, while teachers, pensioners and students have spent months offering food, shelter, clothing and comfort to refugees who have risked their lives to flee war and terror.”

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Many will be surprised to hear that I am in favour of retaining the Monarchy. A few reforms like the abolition of the House of Lords and the dishing out of titles are needed but on the whole I much prefer the country to be represented by the Queen. The alternative is too horrific to even contemplate and would allow hot air career politicians like Blair or the likes of Wiiliam Hague or even Peter Mandelson to stand for the position of President that would be a total nightmare!
Nick Venedi

Monday, 18 April 2016

Nick Venedi

The hypocracy of the left

I held senior elected positions with Britains largest TU for many years and worked with many on the left. They always understood the danger of a large pro boss organisation like the EU and feared the dominance of monopolies. But then suddenly and out of the blue many of these people have decided to do a huge U turn and are now in full support of this nasty slow moving Levithan! I can not understand where the warnings they were giving me for so many years have all been thrown in the bin and how they can possibly support such an unprogressive organisation like the EU!!!

nick venedi

Nick Venedi

official and simple. Exercise regularly but make it moderate rather than intensive. Too much is definitely not good for you. You also need to change what part of your body you exercise. For best results run 4 times a week 30 minutes each time unless you don't want to lose exercise. Nick Venedi

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Save Our NHS In an open letter, more than fifty healthcare workers including doctors, nurses and paramedics have called for the UK to Vote Leave to save the NHS. They argue that the NHS has not received the necessary funding and that only if we Vote Leave can we protect the NHS. Commenting, one of the signatories, Dr Philip Cunnington said: ‘Billions of pounds of UK taxpayers’ money is sent to Brussels every year while the NHS is starved of funding. Let's Vote Leave on June 23rd and take control of our spending, allocating it to more important things such as the NHS'. The NHS faces a dangerous cocktail of threats, amongst them the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) - a series of trade negotiations taking part in secret between the EU and the US - and rising patient demand. For the NHS to prosper, we must leave the EU. If we Vote Leave and take back control, we can spend our money on our priorities such as the NHS.


Best to run for 30 minutes 5 times a week but do not over do it. Don't eat any red meat and avoid fizzy drinks. Keep happy and positive remove people from your life who cause you stress. Use it or lose it means moderate exercise regularly.
nick venedi

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Nick Venedi

is our weekly travel update to help you get around London this weekend, 9/10 April. Most of the network will be open with services running as normal, but please check if any of the following affect you.

London Underground

We are undertaking a comprehensive improvement programme across London’s transport network, including the modernisation of the Tube.

For a map showing the planned line closures for this weekend and also bus replacement information, please click here

Northern line
There will be no service between Archway and High Barnet/Mill Hill East. This is to allow for track replacement work at Finchley Central.

London Overground

Trains will not run between Gospel Oak and Barking, to prepare the line for electrification. 


nick venedi

Wednesday, 6 April 2016


You may have seen this evening’s news. I’m sure you’re as staggered as I am to learn that the Government is going to spend more than £9 million of taxpayers’ money sending out a leaflet to every single home in the UK telling us we should stay in the EU.
They promised they wouldn't do this. Yet they are now proposing to spend more money promoting a 'Remain' vote than even the official Remain campaign will legally be able to.
We know this is a big decision, and that people are still making their minds up. That's why there will be two campaigns to try and convince voters what the best option is: Leave or Remain.
Each campaign will be allowed to raise and spend the same amount to make their case and convince the voters.
But the Government is losing the argument and it seems they don't want a fair fight.
They want to skew the debate, using tired old arguments that have long since been discredited.
And they want to do it with your money.
They are going to spend £9.3 million of YOUR hard-earned cash on these leaflets. We already send £350 million to Brussels every week – why should we hand over even more of our taxes to pay for propaganda?

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Vote on Cyprus

Allow Cypriot refugees to vote in a Cyprus settlement referendum
As a result of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, approximately 200,000 Cypriots (one third of the population) were forced out of their homes and lands in the northern area of the Republic of Cyprus.

Thousands of displaced Cypriots fled for their lives and sought sanctuary outside of Cyprus as refugees. The refugees and displaced persons have lived in hope that one day they will be permitted the right to return to their towns and villages in the Turkish-occupied north of their island.

Despite United Nations resolutions such as 37/253 endorsing the right to return, the fate of refugees and the displaced will be decided in a negotiated political settlement. We expect a proposed negotiated settlement to be put to the people of Cyprus in referenda.

While displaced persons who reside in Cyprus are permitted to vote a Cyprus settlement referendum, the refugees who reside outside of the island are currently denied that right. Non-resident citizens are also denied their right to vote in referenda that will finally decide the fate of their country.

The right to vote in Cyprus settlement referenda should be extended to those refugees who live in exile and all those Cypriots in the disapora. They are victims of war, invasion and occupation and should not be denied the right to participate in shaping the future of their homeland.

Cypriot law stipulates a six month residency requirement in order to qualify an individual to vote. But that is a major obstacle for those living in the diaspora and in particular for the refugees whose homes are under Turkish military occupation.

Saturday, 2 April 2016


This week saw how the EU weakens our safety and security, the British steel industry suffer due to the control we have handed over to the EU and leading businesspeople and entrepreneurs come out in favour of Vote Leave.

EU membership threatens our national security
Justice Minister Dominic Raab delivered an important speech on Wednesday in which he highlighted how the EU makes us less safe. He stressed that if we stay in the EU, we will be unable to take the steps needed to ensure our security, such as controlling our own borders, deporting dangerous criminals and fully supporting our NATO allies.
His speech followed Vote Leave research which pointed to 50 of the most dangerous EU criminals who came to the UK and committed serious crimes. The EU’s ‘free movement’ rules mean that many criminals can travel from the EU to the UK undetected. This makes the UK less safe and less secure.