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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Against intensive farming

Remember when you have the so called fry up that the pig the bacon came from had a nasty life! Unhappy animals secrete bad hormones

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Friday, 29 January 2016


Is Tonbridge next property hot spot? Yes especially if TFL takes over commuter trains as they intend to do. Predict 10% increase in prices

EU or not?

I was always in favour of a United Europe and I still am. What I don't think will work is the constant instability displayed by the British people who have constant doubts about the benefits of remaining in the EU.

The facts to me are simple. It is a no win situation. If you we stay in the EU we must accept the rules that come with it. That includes what we can and can not do within our own borders. There are financial benefits with staying within the club and I think those who are trying to get us to vote Yes will highlight these. What I can not deal with is for us to be having the constant debate as to whether all evil comes from Europe or not. The referendum will put an end to all that.

So my position is that I am not happy with the way the Germans behaved during the Greek and Portugese financial crisis and very unhappy with the way states like Hungary have dealt with the refugee issue. That makes me anti Europe on the other hand even I will agree that Britain on its own will be a weaker country. So if after the referendum we vote to stay in then I want everyone to accept once and for all that we are part of a United Europe and that a federation is around the corner. That is that! At the end of the day there are more than 2 million Brits living in Spain, Greece, Cyprus Portugal and Italy most of whom do not make any effort to speak the local language which is fine but lets stop whinging about the EU citizens who come over here?? Just shut the f..k up?

Nick Venedi

Thursday, 28 January 2016


Drink as much water as you can as long as your doc doesn't advise you not to do so because of a medical condition. Water cleans your system out. Avoid water in plastic bottles.

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fitness 2016

More walking more regular exercise but never over do it those who do too much damage their muscles in the long run so best rule is 'all in moderation including moderation' and drink more water avoiding water in plastic bottles.

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Love what Paul O'Grady is doing for dogs he is a true hero! Well done our Paul! Hate people who abuse animals

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Sunday, 24 January 2016


Adverts on telly targeting young people and showing how utopian it is to drink Coca Cola are wrong and should be regulated.


Home &away or as I call it home & take away. Haven't looked it 4 years but glad that it's producers realised there r dark ppl in Australia

Saturday, 23 January 2016


moderate exercise is key to success, moderate and regular is the best way. What does regular mean? That depends on your body type age and state of health. So for a 40 something male I would say run 3 times a week for at least 40 minutes each time and walk everywhere don't drive to the shops or school walk instead!

Nick Venedi


Drink a lot of water all day substitute any fizzy drinks you have with pure water. Avoid water that has been in plastic bottles.

Nick Venedi

Stay fit

So more fitness tips for 2016. Eat four times a day and never before 6 p.m. don't have large meals. Small and regular is best!

Nick Venedi

Thursday, 21 January 2016


stop eating processed meat , avoid fizzy drinks all together and above all do not starve yourself it is very harmful. Eat  4 small meals a day and never after 6 in the evening.

Nick Venedi

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


I have contacted BT to complain about the level of service they provide. It astonishes me that they make the claims they make about their products when the truth is they are not up to providing what they say they can. More of us should and must complain! Unacceptable.

'First it is almost impossible to navigate all the hurdles you place on your system and to get to you. Unacceptable for a communications company! My 80 year old mother will never be able to do this! Second I got 2 texts saying thet my fiber optic is arriving and I thought that's who I had when you send me the equipment 3 weeks ago? It is of course impossible to contact you by replying to the text to ask what this is. The other thing is since installing your broadband system 3 weeks ago the download time takes longer than before. I don't know why I am paying £65 a month for faster broadband when the truth is it is not faster at all?? Can you clarify? '

Nick Venedi


Does the government idea of evicting women from the country who don't speak English means that the vast majority of the two million British people who live in Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Italy will face the same fate? Everyone knows that not many of the Brits who live abroad bother to learn the local language. Cameron needs to examine the nonsense he often comes up with and control his mouth! And why are they targeting women?

Nick Venedi

Monday, 18 January 2016

look good

It is a myth to say that the way one looks exclusively depends on their genetic make up, genetics matters but you can do a lot to help yourself so learn how your body works and get on improving it!

Nick Venedi

Greek soldiers

More than four decades on, the families of six Greek soldiers who were either killed or had disappeared during Cyprus' tumultuous past have been given some measure of closure after receiving their remains.
Relatives attended a brief military ceremony Monday at Cyprus' National Guard headquarters where they received the remains in six small, flag-draped coffins which will be flown to Greece aboard a military transport aircraft.

Some 77 Greek nationals are listed as missing in action. The remains of 14 Greeks have so far been identified.

Ginger news

Apparently Harry is now seeing a Greek royal Princess. She is very good looking but a bit young for the ginger man? Anyway the British German royals are not too bothered about who the second son gets married to. Look at his uncle Andrew he ended up with... you know the story. On the other hand they better look after our young Greek Royal she has more class.

Nick Venedi


Bbc war and peace is excellent but how about they produce anothe

Sunday, 17 January 2016


I welcome the news that the Liberal minded K Mitsotakis has been elected to be leader of the New Democracy party of Greece. Although I am not a Conservative I accept that right now Greece needs a pragmatist to handle the mess created by the far left party Syriza, a party that was twice elected to oppose reforms that ended up imposing more drastic measures than were originally proposed. K Mitsotaks, of Cretan origin, has the qualifications and the backround to make a difference. PASOK which is the Socialist party I supported since the 80s is clearly dead so a liberal Mitsotakis seems to be the only answer to the vast plethora of problems the Greek state has. He is educated and has lived in France and has some progressive views unlike those of the ever changing Tsipras who does not appear to know what day of the week it is.

Nick Venedi


nick Cleggs performance on the Andrew Marr show this morning proves why career politicians can not be trusted. I carefully listened to what he had to say and he never answered any of the questions he was asked. There must be a way to ensure that hot air merchants like him are kept out of key positions where their influence can damage our world.

Nick Venedi

Saturday, 16 January 2016


should we be concerned about the fact that 'programmes' such as big brother incite wannabe people into behaving badly and in a very unacceptable way or should we add to provocative rubbishy like this to the list of things we must tolerate so that the label of freedom of speech remains true?

Nick Venedi

Thursday, 14 January 2016


my recommendations for 2016. More than 80% of what you drink every day must be pure water, avoid water from plastic bottles. No fizzy drinks or alcohol.

Nick Venedi

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Sperm donors

the sperm donor who appears on telly this morning saying he has fathered 800 children classified a wanker? I mean that's what he does right?


Great opportunity for the people of England to have their own national anthem it's not about exercising our nationalism but exerting our our unique identity within the strong British family of nations. Hope that parliament does the right thing for a change.